MaxGalaxy is the Industry’s newest web-based, fully integrated software platform.


The package of modules, delivered in a SaaS model (Software as a Service), enables organizations to manage reservations, registrations, memberships, billing and more in a fully hosted environment. This exciting new offering allows staff to access their software from virtually any location an internet connection is available (even Macs). This cloud-based solution provides the advantages of minimizing upfront software/hardware investments, decreases overall deployment time, and best of all allows its users the freedom and security of not having to invest in expensive server hardware. New features and updates are seamlessly transitioned into your software by our best-in-class Client Services team. Also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your data is always being backed up and stored securely.

Your customers can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of reserving facilities, registering for programs, purchasing memberships, maintaining family account information and even paying outstanding balances from the comfort of their own homes. Our users are pleased to discover that the modules are not only fully integrated, but totally scalable. Your organization can start with only the applications needed now and add to them later. MaxGalaxy can be used by a variety of organizations — from smaller, private organizations to large Municipal Parks and Recreation Departments. With over 20 module options made available, MaxGalaxy is your long term solution!







MaxGalaxy is your long term solution with over 20 modules available.


No costly servers or software are necessary. All you need is your PC and an internet connection. Maximum Solutions performs all upgrades, updates, and data backups. This process is painless, instant, and occurs behinds the scenes. We maintain everything internally!

Easy Access

Access your database from anywhere there is Internet availability, 24/7. Login from other administrative offices, from different facilities, from home, or even while you are on vacation.

Fully Scalable

Purchase only the applications you need. Combine any of the following applications: Facility Reservation, Activity Registration, Membership Management, Customer Interface and/or Credit Card Processing.

Complete Integration

All MaxGalaxy applications are fully integrated. For example: the process of setting up an Activity in the Activity Registration module automatically books out the corresponding Facility(s) in the Facility Reservation module. Also, a single customer database is accessible for facility reservations, activity registrations, membership purchases and more.

Flexible Payment Options

The MaxGalaxy system supports cash payments, checks, credit cards, monthly direct deposits, house accounts, balance forward, invoices, credits, EFT and more.

Increase Revenue

With the addition of things like online registration, reservation, and membership management, activity offerings fill more easily, facilities will be left with less open time and membership retention will rise.

Improved Customer Experience

Staff will field fewer questions and phone calls because community members now have the ability to access activity, facility, and membership information online. In addition, all registrations, reservations, and purchases can be completed online instead of requiring a trip to the facility. This improves effectiveness for both your customer and your staff, thus making your organization more efficient and profitable.

Go Greener

With the launch of MaxGalaxy comes our continuing commitment to our industry to not only promote healthy lives, but healthy environments. Decrease your files cabinets, boxes of printer paper and much more with MaxGalaxy. You can offer options for customers to electronically send paper contracts, waivers, invoices, room layouts, etc. Automate calendars and league information right to your website in real-time status updates. Via the web, customers can look up account history, update accounts, pay bills, sign waivers electronically, view schedules and more.

“MaxGalaxy has literally been a game changer for us! It’s tremendous ease-of-use once configured (through excellent training) enabled our Sport Directors to create their schedules saving them weeks of time and money. The support staff goes beyond to make sure your problem and questions are answered and follow-up with calls and emails to make sure it’s solved. Thank you Maximum Solutions for making such an excellent product.”  – Buena Guzman, Chelsea Piers Connecticut

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