MaxEnterprise is one of the most powerful, feature rich, easy to use recreation management software suites available on the market today.


This exciting offering streamlines your most common functions including facility reservations, activity registrations, membership management, league scheduling, point of sale, inventory, all the financial and administrative reporting necessary to effectively manage your organization and a whole lot more. The best part is that MaxEnterprise applications are not only fully integrated, but they are totally scalable too, meaning your organization only needs to purchase and run the applications you currently need. As your needs grow, new applications can be added within minutes!

This application has proven time and time again to improve the overall productivity and profitability in our client organizations.  Full integration with on-demand applications… that’s MaxEnterprise!

streamlines your most common functions

point of sale

facility reservations

activity registrations

membership management

league scheduling



Integrated applications

All customers and financial’s are shared by a common database. When a program is created in Activity Registration the corresponding facilities are automatically booked out in Facility Reservation. No multiple installations of separate programs, no data import – all applications are contained within the MaxEnterprise system. Your organization’s license file determines how many of the available applications are included.

User Security

Access by feature and/or complex– after creating logins and passwords and assigning employees to Feature Access groups, users will only have access to specific features (i.e., scheduling but not receivables, or activity registration but not inventory, etc.) or specific Complexes (i.e., Recreation Center but not Ice Arena, or Middle School but not High School, etc.)

Customer Management

Track companies, families, individuals, and employees records. Track things such as contact info, demographic info, heath and medical information, as well as recording a history of everything the are involved with. Create and pull custom email and mail lists based on a number of different factors including past attendance, customer information, membership purchases, facility rentals and much more.

Extremely Flexible Billing

Taking payments and generating invoices with a breeze. MaxEnterprise is also sophisticated enough to allow you to alter invoices that were already created, combine multiple invoices into one, setting customer payments up on recurring billing cycles, and much more!

PCI Compliant

Maximum Solution’s is a PCI Compliant solution, using hosted payments with one of our trusted gateway providers.


Over 200 administrative reports are available within MaxEnterprise. Reporting includes things such as billing, customer schedules and receipts, sales tracking and analysis and much, much more.

“The Town of Cobourg has been working with Maximum Solutions for 17 years.  Our recent upgrade to MaxGalaxy went incredibly smooth and the trainer that we were assigned was outstanding.” – Ashley Haynes, CCC Sport & Event Coordinator, Town of Cobourg, Canada

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