Increase Activity Participation Throughout Your Community

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There are many ways your Park and Recreation department can increase participation. Below are four methods in which you can boost activity registration through online tools such as email marketing and online registration.

Listen to your Community

Finding out what your community residents enjoy doing throughout the community is key when creating programs and activities. Start with research and then send out a survey to see what kind of activities they would like offered and what their schedules are like. Time of the day can be a key factor in activity registration.

Gather Information using Data/Analytics

Use your Online Registration module to gather data before creating future activities. See what kinds of classes are filling up and what classes aren’t as full. Look at class and activity times to see whether timing of events is a driving factor. Looking at this data will help you in your yearly planning.


Market to Your Community

Notify your community through email marketing regarding upcoming classes and new types of activities. Send brochures via direct mail that include new classes and activities, special events or changes to the Park and Recreation community. Do you want to ensure that your emails are actually reaching vaild addresses? Then learning how to verify an email address before pressing send could not only save you time, but it will also increase your chances of getting the word out to more people. This type of marketing has endless possibilites.

Promote discounted pricing or pricing changes through all types of mailing; members will appreciate a heads up regarding any pricing changes. Make this automated and therefore easy for you to manage by using a software like Mailchimp (or maybe Sendinblue, see sendinblue vs mailchimp to see which one you’d prefer).

Make Registration Easy

Give your community options for registration! Technology is continuing to evolve and so much of registration is done online. Always make your Online Registration visible on the first page of your Park and Recreation site.

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